Make Contact and Make Change!

Thank you for taking the time to join the efforts to make a difference for the good of our senior community.

Contact City Leadership

Contacting our local leaders is only the beginning! Please be respectful when you send your inquiries to the council members and city manager. The mission of the Senior Care Project is a meant to be a carefully strategized plan that is built on a strong foundation by citizens just like you and we want to ensure that our message is clearly heard and not detracted from in the least.

Contact The Senior Care Project

Take time to educate yourself by following our updates on Facebook and making time to ask the hard hitting questions. The Senior Care Project is not affiliated with the City of Santa Clarita and is an independent project designed by concerned citizens. If you have questions, we are thrilled to find the answers, so please feel free to send us requests for information, data you think might be helpful and simply join the movement!

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