Welcome to the Senior Care Project!

A moment of care can make all the difference in the world.

The Senior Care Project is an endeavor built on the desire to shed light on the needs of our ever-growing community of seniors who call the City of Santa Clarita home. To date our seniors rely heavily on the programming offered at the Santa Clarita Valley Senior Center maintained by the Santa Clarita Valley Committee on Aging, a charitable, nonprofit 501(c)3 that serves the needs of over 35,000 seniors.

While these offerings provide much comfort and care for the individuals who qualify, there is a sector of the population that does not fall within the qualification guidelines for key assistance such as home services, and many people don’t qualify at all.

Currently, the Santa Clarita Valley Senior Center provides 2500 meals to home-bound seniors, and needs for meals continue to rise. These same home-bound members of our community, may have little or no access to necessary programs over the weekends and holidays – programs that provide companionship, sustenance and simply having their most basic needs addressed.

By the year 2020, the senior population in Los Angeles County may be as much as 65% higher.

The Senior Care Project will work to shed light programs provided by other communities and how we might bring them to the Santa Clarita Valley. The Senior Care Project will update the progress finding a safe well-maintained location for a new Santa Clarita Valley Senior Center, The Senior Care Project will keep you updated on the progress of increased and expanded programming for all seniors who require assistance, as well as encourage efforts to increase much needed financial support.

Please engage with us on spreading the word about the Senior Care Project and helping to bring the services, programs and facility our seniors need..

Current Santa Clarita Valley Senior Center Funding